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LS Central

Manage your retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies and hotels from front to back office with one centralized software platform that combines Point of Sale (POS), financials, inventory, eCommerce, and more.

LS Central is the retail powerhouse that converges various aspects of retail management into a single, cohesive platform. Seamlessly intertwined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, this solution is tailored for retailers of all shapes and sizes, from trendy boutiques to expansive retail chains.

Elevate Sales with Sensational POS 

Experience the magic of an intuitive Point of Sale (POS) system that ensures speedy checkouts, real-time inventory lookups, and customer loyalty program management. These features create memorable shopping encounters and increase customer satisfaction.

Ixead Solutions

Masterful Inventory Management

Unlock the potential of your inventory with real-time insights into stock levels, demand forecasting, and reordering. Witness your stock work smarter, cut costs, and create ecstatic customers who always find what they desire.


Omnipotent Omnichannel Retailing 

Empower your retail presence across physical stores, e-commerce, and mobile channels. Offer customers the flexibility to shop when and where they please, building steadfast customer loyalty and boosting revenue.

Customer Engagement Extravaganza  

With integrated customer profiles, dynamic loyalty programs, and tailor-made marketing, LS Central allows you to forge personal connections with your customers. Expect repeat business and soaring sales.


Business Brilliance 

Gain access to pivotal insights with customizable reports and dashboards. These data-driven treasures empower you to optimize operations and stay at the forefront of market trends.

Mastery of Workforce 

Streamline employee management and schedules, to ensure your staff becomes a valuable asset to your retail empire.

Customization and Integration 

LS Central is your canvas to craft retail perfection. It effortlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and embraces a world of third-party apps to cater to your unique needs.

Ixead Solutions

Security and Compliance 

Sleep soundly knowing LS Central is fortified with industry-standard security measures and regulatory compliance, safeguarding your business data and cherished customer information.


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